We are working towards closing the achievement gap through VR enhanced educator coaching for the equitable treatment of students.

    To fulfill our mission, VR Training Solutions provides a virtual classroom where teachers safely practice skills for the equitable treatment of students, supported by our expert coaches and curriculum

How it began

VR Training Solutions – was created in 2018 after a successful grant funded “proof of concept” called Educational Equity VR.  With funding from Mozilla and US Ignite, we were able to create a virtual classroom in which teachers could deliver their lesson plans to virtual student avatars while their implicit bias could be studied by researchers. The project was completed on time and the teacher response was overwhelmingly positive.

“The VR scenario felt so real. It elicited what felt like my natural state of mind while in front of an actual class. This VR study will undoubtedly serve as a reliable look at the rate at which unconscious bias takes place in the classroom.”

Cody Rosenberg

When I faced the Educational Equity VR classroom, I felt like a first year teacher all over again. All the skills and essential qualities were challenged in a way that tested me. I think such an experience is an excellent way to assess and teach teachers. We are pretty good at doing what we do best under controlled circumstances, but put in a new, and different class that challenges, and it becomes a mind bender—but a good one!

Timothy Meinzen


Awarded grants from Mozilla and US Ignite to develop the proof of concept project.

Asked to present the project at the Mozilla All Hands Web Call after successful completion of the proof of concept.

Presented on the cover of the Eugene Weekly, Tech issue.     https://www.eugeneweekly.com/2018/08/23/fighting-implicit-bias/

Radio interview.  Audio coming soon!

Television!  NBC covered the project.  https://nbc16.com/news/local/teachers-go-through-vr-training-to-learn-how-to-better-deal-with-unruly-students

We have been approached by a number of institutions that want to use our program once completed.

Recently invited and sponsored to be in the Kauffman Accelerator.

August 2018 Application Development Award from US Ignite for Phase II !

Where we go from here

We are seeking funds to complete Phase 2 of the project which will include: a number of requested feature improvements, and the development of a follow-up app to help keep teachers engaged by enabling them to monitor progress after the training.

As for me, implicit bias is something I could only see in myself after the damage was already done. Having an opportunity to realistically come face to face with this, with no student fallout, would undeniably be helpful in any situation!

Greg McKelvey

I think your study will be a valuable one, especially for younger teachers. They can identify biases when working with students early on.

Clarice Loo