Educational Equity VR (EEVR) Proof of concept

EEVR – Educational Equity VR | Completed in June, 2018

Glimmer Technology was selected as the Technical Partner by Treadwell Ventures for the EEVR proof of concept project.  EEVR was funded by generous grants from the Mozilla and US Ignite organizations.

We were asked to develop an interactive VR classroom with realistic student and teacher avatars.  We utilized open source assets for the motion capture and teacher avatars and some of the classroom assets.  All other items were created in-house or purchased.  We developed the project in Unity to work over the Gigabit network.

The project was well received and 100% of the participants would use this type of learning aid in the future.

Below are some shots from the VR classroom!

EEVR – Phase II Alpha

– Now in development

 August 2018 Application Development Award from US Ignite for Phase II !

Follow the progress by going to US Ignite, HERE!